We all regret something. Its is a factor that demoralises people in all aspects, sometimes materially, sometimes, spiritually. Unfortunately, life is too short to tolerate it. We should not live and die with it. I’m sure you are already familiar with that phrase because it’s always been said, from somewhere that I wish is the last sentence that most people say even before they die ”if I did…”, we should live by thinking about it, focusing on the moment, achieving our goals and we shouldn’t leave room for if only.

It is a word that people of all ages use, even the word that life sometimes makes us use the most, think of a small child, when his mind cannot reach anything, when he cannot buy a toy that he sees in the toy store, he says to himself, “I wish we could buy it,” he feels his sadness inside, student works every day throughout her/his high school life so that she/he doesn’t say “I wish I could work harder so I can build the future I want,” because her/his only wish will affect her/his whole life from now on.

For example, there are some specific dreams that we all have in our minds, maybe a brand, maybe turning a hobby into a business, but sometimes it is not pursued and years later this turns out to be I wish I had done it because after that time, there is no time and energy to do that job, and this tells us that life is too short for wish. Human beings shouldn’t feel afraid before they start to do something because smallest voices can make it major. No one ever knows what would happen in the future without giving themselves a chance. Everybody should know that they can achieve once they really wanted it. Also burning ambition also feeds this feeling that goes through out our brains.

Because the wonder of today may be the wish of 5 years later. We should always trust ourselves, we should use our strength, our faith, not to say I wish we will come again, what do I lose by looking at the world? We should say because life is too short for wishful dreams of us. At the end of the day no one would want to die with their dreams, which is never ever happened, because we would want them to happen. This is the one thing we cannot tolerate as humans.

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