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Too Late to Think

I was a senior diplomat at USA Government who had much confidential knowledge about government. So, I had many guards around me and my safe houses which were provided because of my high-risk job. I was living safely until that day I was going to be murdered. Let me tell you the story… 

Diplomat nedir diplomatlar ne iş yapar görevleri neler? - Internet Haber

Many years ago, I was kidnapped by terrorists in an anti-government riot when I just started my job for the state. It was a really important milestone in my life. I almost died that day. When we noticed that they entered the city hall, we immediately tried to escape from the meeting hall but we were too late to do that. Even though there were several guards protecting the building against any kind of assault, the attempt of the terrorist group was successful and we were a great risk. We tried to think of something to escape ourselves without guards, but we weren’t as lucky as them. Finally, we were taken captured by them and I can’t remember what happened afterward… 

Anti-government protesters riot in Egypt - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

We were in a huge, isolated hangar, connected to a ragged chair that rustles snappishly when I regained my consciousness. We stared at each other and tried to find a way to get rid of that situation and escape from there. We found but it was not a successful attempt since they come up not long before. However, luckily a special operations team from Central Intelligence Agency showed up after a couple of hours and they rescued us. 

Polis Özel Harekat Başkanlığı ve Özel Harekat Polisi | DefenceTurk

After that day, I was scared to go out for a month and increased the number of my guards. However, it wouldn’t be enough to save me from an assassination in the center of the state. In a public speech, I went up to the rostrum to give my speech with applauses. I was just about to start my speech when I come eye to eye with him in the crowd. He was the ringleader of the group which kidnapped me who I recall indistinctly from that day. I thought and knew that there was nothing to do this time when I realized that there were many group members that stand apart from each other in the crowd. I could not understand how they entered a building that is protected by a high-end security system successfully, it was already too late to think and understand it for me… 

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