Tourism Industry Virtual Reality

Hello! I want to talk about tourism industry, my virtual reality project. I want to explain it to you guys and girls. I am starting now:
It is a pair of glasses. It has virtual reality inside. First, there is a screen you can see the settings, you should write your name on it with an online alphabet, and after this you should create a profile. You can create whatever you want (but just you can use some of the, some are locked because you didn’t do so much meeting). After you create your avatar, you can go on a meeting, the glasses will take your face’s shape. You can add your friend to meeting with a code like “vyfR6Yt6”. And you can choose a place from the world, you can go there with your friends (with a code) and when you see your other friend, for example Ali, you can choose “add Ali” and it will go to Ali, if Ali says “OK”, you can meet with him and your other friends, too.

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