Towards Gray

Women and men… These two positions, which are the leading roles in everything, cause many people to be confused. While some claim that we are dragged into inequality in society, that women or men are superior, others say that they are the two most important elements in ensuring equality. The owners of these claims are again women and men. So, how do you think gender roles affect society?

When we look at the past, you can see that the distinction between men and women has become so severe that it takes a person’s life, how much people exaggerate this and they face it with bad practices. These foundations, which enable girls to be buried alive, to exclude people who have girls, and to reveal individuals who are obsessed with boys, unfortunately, continue at full speed today. This male passion for the continuity of the lineage causes many people’s lives to be ruined. Because, you don’t know what is going through the mind of your kind-hearted, lovely daughter, how she feels, or how her son’s thought, “Everything will be left to me, what do I need to deal with” will affect the society in the future…

As we all know, femicide has increased in recent years, most of the rights are not given to women, and the conflicts that arise in the choice of profession… Even when we combine all of these, it can be said that women are treated differently from men and are seen as useless creatures. At this point, I want to ask you something: What is the gender of your mother and sister? Wait, let me give you the answer right away: WOMAN. So, how can you continue to humiliate women? What kind of mentality is this?

If we look at the 2020 Turkey femicides-violence against women statistics, we see that approximately 527 women were killed or injured. While the majority of these murders are due to ex-partner- lover, many other factors are taking a star from our future. Then some come out and say: Protect the women, they are our crown.” Excuse me, but to whom are you reading fairy tales? While such wild events are happening all over the world, it does not happen when someone says, it means that people need to come together and be informed.

In ancient times, in a period when women were not even given the right to vote and be elected, Atatürk’s recognition of this right to them, his opposition to people with an absurd mentality, and the fact that, he won the hearts of all women and gave them happiness, left him to be more appreciated today. Is there anyone who can deny how useful and selfless beautiful women will work for the future, or their help in the war, on the one hand, and the altruistic angels who carry help to the front while taking care of their children?

On the other hand, you may ask whether there is no inequality against men. Of course, there is. Innocent people are hurting because of men who kill, disturb and put pressure on women. Doesn’t the thought that a man we see on the street will harm any woman wears us out? If we look from their perspective, the thought of how bored they are, maybe even the thought that someone with whom they can relate well will cause psychological problems is enough to frighten them.

As a result, I think that these two roles that make up the society should be equal, so that the order in the society will be ensured. In order to look to the future with hope, to reach a much better level, to be able to trust both genders with peace of mind, I would like to explain the best example of equality with the words of the great hero Atatürk: “A society, a nation, two people called man and woman, genus consists of humans. Is it possible that while half of a society is chained to the land, the other half can rise to the sky!”

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