Toxic Persons

Think of a life... a life where you think you have years ahead of you. There are a lot of people around you and they all have their own life. but a life where everything can be lived and you don't know if you will be living tomorrow. Of course you will want to live the best life.

 All people in the world want to live a perfect life and work for it all their lives. Although we think of this perfect life primarily in terms of money, the people around us have a great role in our lives. Sometimes life brings good people, but it also brings toxic people. These people lower your motivation. They say "it will never happen". they always find your fault. They won't stop judging you. If you are good they will envy you and if you are bad they will humiliate you. and sometimes you just can't do anything. The things they say keep circulating in your head. Sometimes you question yourself "Am I really that bad?" you teach yourself. In fact, when you have so much work to do, these concerns also appear. Sometimes you can't even do a job you're very good at. You go to work at one hour in the morning and you are exposed to those bad looks. You spend more than half of your day with these people. from fake smiles to friendships built for profit. You get tired of them, you can't stand them. You don't want to be excluded, but you can't keep up. You enter a whole eternity because of these people. same faces, same words. You can't spend 10-12 hours a day with these people. minutes turn into years.

 So, among all the positive things, why do these people make you question yourself? Why can these people be a problem in a universe where you don't know if you can live tomorrow? people just talk. It's not worth upsetting ourselves for two dry words they say.
 That's why this life, when you don't know how long you have to go, is too short to tolerate toxic people.
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