Toxic Relationships

People are social creatures that need to socialize every period of their lives. People, we, want to share our thoughts and feelings with others to find support or just to share something and have a connection with somebody.

To do these we create relationships as friends or couples. We eat, laugh, cry, dance, lay, work, shortly spend our time with our partner. The feeling of being loved and loving someone make the moment precious. Our reactions to situations and events are generally similar so that we can think and decide together. Even if our opinions are different we can always find support with our decisions. These all provide us a very strong mental; getting support and being approved by people we love is very important.

In the other hand, there are relationships which we call toxic. They begin like just a dream and turns into a nightmare that we struggle every day and can not get over easily. Sometimes we love someone and think they are like an angel but then they change and turn into a devil. Usually, we do not get it and think they are same as the beginning. We do not notice that they are making our life a torture for us. Sometimes they start to restrict us from the things we like to do. Sometimes they make us feel responsible for their faults. Then our lovely relationship turns into a forced intercourse and psychological pressure. We may feel obliged to put up with it because we have been doing this for a long time.

If we realise any kind of pressure or obligation we need to deal with it. Talking and solving the problems with our partner is the best way but if it is not working, we can consult our environment or just ask for professional help. But first of all, we need to knor that we are not supposed to do things we do not want to do.

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