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Traditional Games Or Computer Games

Traditional games are games which have been invented too many years ago and played for many years. For example if a game was invented in 1700 in a country and played since then, this game is a traditional game of this country. Tradition changes for every country and so every country has it’s own traditional games. Also in every country every region may have it’s own traditional games because culture can change according to the geographical regions too.


Traditional games are invented in past times, these games are invented according to the conditions of past times. For example there is a game in Turkey called “Five Stones”. This game is played with five small stones. Stones must be as small as a person can have them all in his or her one hand, for example at the size of a hazelnut. This game can be played in everywhere and everytime. To play this game all you need is five small stones. At first you hold five stones in your one hand and throw them on the ground. Secondly you take one of the stones and throw it to the air. Before that stone falls, you have to grab one of the stones on the ground quickly and also hold the other stone falling back from the air. When this game was invented, probably there were no balls, no dolls, or no other toys which children could play. In a time where there are no balls or other toys this game can be fun.


I can not say this traditioanl stone game can not be played these days, but it is hard for children of 21st century to have fun of such a game. Today children can play this stone game of course, but I do not think that any kid will be a fan of this game. Because today children has many other things to play with.


The important toy for 21st century kids is of course computer games. It is impossible to compare a game of stone or another traditional game with computer games. People can say that traditional games are better for kids because traditional games helps kids socialise, but kids play computer games with eachother online and socialise too. Every person in our century must have computer knowledge and kids learn this by playing computer games.


Lastly  I can say that kids can play and learn their culture’s traditional games and this is a good thing. But I think the kids love computer games more than traditional games and kids prefer computer games.


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