Transparent Line Between Future and Past

Now, there are a lot of people willing to get happy, joyous and fantastic life but they have a common point is regretting past and in their progressing times they will think at least once, what would happen? If I had not been here or did it.  Those times people would get this idea complex to complex till it became insolvable.  On the other hand, there is one more problem which refute the fact of all problems have also their solution, “Will not we reach our perfect future life with controlling our past instead of seeing our future?”

It is a fact that you cannot change your future via just seeing it but if you change your past you can also see your future. Normally, nearly half of students regret about final exams, homework, some projects and school organizations. When we realize such a controllable life, students could change their F’s to A which I absolutely need it; but there is no rose without thorn if everybody change their grade, these grades become meaningless and even if just you can, it will affect many single people’s life and their labors.

  Thanks to controlling your past, you have chance to destroy entire world maybe universe. Our second theory was seeing future, it looks like innocuous and safe but if we think deep we would see their dangerous side as much as controlling past. Let’s realize you are successful professor at King’s Collage London, every think goes well and you do have nothing to worry about money or some troubles about family. Additionally, you got a chance to look your forties; you are very stressful and curious about your future but when you see it you shocked because you had left your both legs.

What would be your reactions like? You would even scare to go out for anxiety of possible coming troubles. Finally, you would not live your nearly half age because of the willing of seeing your future. Moreover, it was not only example can break your life into two. So we need to be grateful for now and work for future.




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