Steve Jobs never was never will be the influencer I am looking for. Nevertheless his words did got me thinking. Am I proud of where or who I am? The answer was not far for me, no. A choice is a privilege. Power you occupy to either make or break your chance. A little too much pressure isn’t it? As long as I am concerned it takes dedication and investment. More like a loan from mafia or maybe a gamble, always a risk.

Mistakes are what we end up having left. Might as well make use of it. Perhaps learn? Well, I rather take the highway. Maybe get things more complicated because the better choices you make the worse you get.

As Steve said, you should be proud of the chances you miss. Whereas you should not. When you put your money into it, chances are you get a pig, but what if it is a flush? Is it worth it? As they say, go big or go home..

Novelty is yet to be achieved saying no. Such words are nothing but trash. Basically manipulation, perceiving the illusion of choice. Encourage you to say no. It may sound good because you shall first say no in order to accomplish greater success. False. What do you gain from such action? What is the worst that could happen? You lose 100% of the chances you do not take. Just a thrust won’t hurt. It is trash can, not trash cannot.

Past actions are now behind you. You may be living up to it’s circumstances but it is not like you could go back and redo everything, then what is up with regret? Everyone regrets a decision they have made that they link to their current situation. Well hello, life is tough, get over it. Let it remain in the past, no one benefits from you looking back, proceeding to integrate your bad life choices into the one you are supposed to live. If not, this may be your next regret.

Just do it.


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