Egyptian Pyramids or mostly said Giza Pyramids are one of the most complex and impressive structures that humans constructed in old times. There are a lot of impressing ancient structures but Pyramids still survive as their whole body for us to see. There are nearly 138 Giza Pyramids. It should be a miracle to build Pyramids at that time without using any construction machineries and cranes. For example, the height of the largest Pyramid Khufu is around 146 metres. Nearly 2.3 million blocks of rock were used to build it. How did they build them?

How the pyramids were built is an argued topic among scientists and archaeologists for many years. The most common thesis depends on using thousands of slaves to cut the rocks and move up to pyramids on ramps. On the other hand, there should be fantastic engineering behind the design of pyramids. Because, the pyramids retain their shapes for thousands of years. Isn’t it still strange to understand how the pyramids were built?

If I had the opportunity to use time machine, I would go to the time of the construction period of the Pyramids. I would like to witness the science behind the construction to make my mind clear. Moreover, I would like to be an architecture or how they named at that time about the responsible person for design. So, I could have chance to compare of today’s and ancient times’ science and also have a chance to explain the world after I comeback. After considering to use time machine on this historical event, there occurred another question in my mind. If I were an architecture or an engineer at that time by using the millennium’s technology, would the pyramids be better or worse? In fact, this question is not only related with the pyramids, but also a general wonder by scientist on comparison of the science of ancient times and the existing time. Maybe it is better to wait for the investigation of time machine.

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