Traveling Freely

Have you ever thought, what would have happened if the countries didn’t want a visa to get in? Or if you can go anywhere you want as it is your homeland? If you have, you are not the only one who thinks like that. But is it possible? Can governments get together and decide to remove all the visas?


This topic has been such a controversial issue over the years. Many people have discussed about this topic and we have seen most of them in the media. The reason why people talk about it is because that traveling around the world is not such an easy thing to do if especially you live in a 3rd world country. The visas are really limited on those countries. So, most of the people think that this is inequal not to visit a country they wanted to. In their point of views, it is actually correct because they don’t have any fault other than born in that country. But as everything else of course there is a reason behind this.


The countries may not allow everybody to visit. If they do not set any limits for the entrances, then most probably everyone one who had a chance to travel would get in. This situation is not that good when we think about it deeply. If the developed countries open their borders to everyone most probably the peoples from developing countries will run all in. And that will cause some unstoppable situations like extraordinary rise in crime rates, housing problems, and economic collapse. As this would harm the country’s statues it would also harm the actual citizens living in that country. All the educational, martial, and economic order would collapse. The developed country would eventually look like the countries that of those people came from.


In my opinion, the visa procedure is such an important thing for us and the country itself. The negative sides are more than the positive sides. As I mentioned the crime rates will increase because of the newcomers. When the people are let inside without any check we can’t know if they are going to cause a crisis or just visit somewhere peacefully. In fact, none of the countries can easily afford that big migration. Most of the country’s economy would collapse. If we could solve all these problems, there is still a big problem left which is unemployment. If the country has more people than it could provide employment, a lot of people will be unemployed.


To make the long story short, even though being able to go anywhere and travel wherever we want looks such a good thing, in long term it will make our lives unlivable. Not only us but also the countries would be affected from this in negative ways. Thus, this is not such a clever idea to put this issue into effect.

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