Traveling Underworld

My father was a geoscientist who was famous for his projects on the underworld and life under the ground. He always believed that there were creatures living under the ground and it would be possible to go underground and discover some unknown places there throughout his life. He tried many techniques, designed and built several machines to achieve his dreams. Unfortunately, he never succeeded , he tried for days, had sleepless nights sometimes, he never gave up however every time he tried, there was a fault… 

One day, while I was clearing the old wardrobe in the house, I found a notebook covered by a piece of brown letter in the small drawer. It was all covered with dust but when I cleaned it, I understood that it was my father’s notebook that he always used for his projects. He was writing details of all of the important projects. I wasn’t curious about his projects until this time, he always tried to teach something about geoscience but I never wanted to listen. But this time, I decided to have a look at it. After a while, I realized that one project draft in the last pages wasn’t completed, I thought that maybe it was the one that would work. I should have shown this draft to someone who was knowledgeable about geoscience.  

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I decided to make contact with my uncle who was interested in geoscience. We weren’t getting together frequently since he was living in the far end of the world. I called him and said that I had something important to tell him and I referred to the project. He listened me very interested and said that he would come as soon as possible. 

When he arrived, we picked him up from the airport, he was really excited to see the original draft of the project. When we arrived to, home I was in my room to change my clothes while I realized the paper in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. There was an address written on it. I couldn’t understand what was happening, it was a strange address. I told my uncle about the paper I found and we decided to go to the address as it could be about the project.  

The road to the address was really unusual, there was a small cottage at the address, it was the only building around. We went in the garden and arrived to the entrance; we knocked the door. There was a middle-aged man standing in front of us. We asked about the paper and he said that it was him who put the paper to my pocket. He said that he was my father’s friend and a geoscientist. He didn’t tell how he found us but he said that there was a chance that my father was living. So, we decided to complete the project and try to make my father’s dreams real maybe we could find him on our journey… 

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