Travelling To When It All Begun

Time travel has always been a huge dream among people from all ages. While it is impossible, it is still talked about quite often. For example questions like ‘If you had the opportunity to time travel, which year would you go to?’ are really popular and asked often. Usually this type of questions are asked to kids as a fun little topic but adults can turn this topic into a serious debate.

So what is the best time period to travel to? Personally I would like to go to the time period where the human race started. How the human race started is a hugely discussed topic. The only sources to get some type of information about this topic is through holy books. These books aren’t a relaible source though. These books are from hundreds of years ago and most of them have been changed as they aged. Seeing how the first humans started to exist would answer so many questions and end many debates. It would also be really nice to see how the first humans lived before all the technologic devices or even before the invention of the wheel. How did these humans hunt animals? How did they deal with extreme weather conditions? How did they communicate? There are a lot of interesting details about this time period and most people would probably appreciate knowing where they come from.

Time travel can be risky too. As shown in a lot of movies about time travel, changing one small detail in the past can drastically change the future. If I ever get a chance to time travel to see the first humans I would just watch what they were doing from a distance. It would probably feel like a movie but with a hundred percent accuracy. No teories no beliefs just facts. People will argue with each other no matter what but at least there would be one less topic people could argue about.

Time travelling to see the start of humanity is kinda an unpopular answer for the ‘Which time period would you travel to?’ question but in my opinion it is the best choice. What could potentially be more interesting than seeing where and how it all begun.

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