True Life

In this Universe, we all have some responsibility. We have to carry out our stability in our lives. Everyone and everything has to live. However, why are we living? What is life? What is true life?

We all know that we are living on a planet which is named is Earth. Every year, we discover new planets and new stars. But we cannot leave Earth. Why cannot we? Because of the inability of technology or are we failing? This or these kinds of questions is very complicated. Because if we started to answer one question, there will become more complicated questions. A lot of people think we need to leave the world, on the other hand, there are also a lot of people who think we should stay on the earth.

So, every year, our resources drain away. So maybe in a million years, our resources will drain away completely. There is also an increase in the population. These resources will not be sufficient for everyone. So,
I think we have to leave our planet. However, we need to choose our new planet to be careful. We have to live more comfortably and happily. We can say we are also happy on our little planet. When we pass the speed of light, we can travel anyplace whatever we want to. We need to continue one’s bloodline. We have to realize our power in this Universe.

There are about 125 billion galaxies in the observable Universe. Besides, there are more than 100 Billion different Starts in each galaxy. And if we say each star has about 10 planets, we can assume that we are not alone in this Universe, this is an almost impossible thing. Maybe we can live with other species. This and these kinds of ideas can be provided to develop our future. If we want to find a good planet to live on, we must choose our decision really carefully. Because we should pick a planet which has many opportunities for us. However, the most important thing is happiness.

Do you think are we happy on this planet? This is a very different question to answer. However, it is possible to find some solution. For instance, travel to another planet. Travel to a planet which is needed to be comfortable for us. Travel to a planet that makes you happy. That’s why you live. This is true life.

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