Turks and Caicos’s Mystery Story

Hello My name is Bulbul Akkaya

Everyone thinks that Turks and Caicos Island has nothing to do with Turks because it is far from Turkey. My great grandfather died 800 years ago. I found his diary at home and started reading it. It was so scary that I wanted to read it to you the way my grandfather wrote it. Year 1882 my mom and dad got killed by Caicos army. Not just me nearly everyone’s family got killed by Caicos army. Just people under 18 would escape this attack. And I escaped, because I was scary. I found a house and I hid in this house. After 5 years, I was 23 years old and Caicos attack was still going on. I tried to kill some army in Caicos. And I made. All army wanted to find me. But I was like an assassin, they can’t find me. All army know me Ahmet Kartal but I’m Çınar Akkaya. I’m first Akkaya. I went to secret Turk house and I invited all Turks to fight with Caicos. Everyone looked at me for a few seconds. And they started shouting yes at the same time. I gave swords to everyone and we fought the Caicos Lar, it was very contentious, and finally we signed a peace treaty. But they betrayed us, attacked us at night, and somehow, we survived long wars and there was no one left in the country except me and the Caicos president. We signed the real deal.

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