Turn the volume up for teens

Even though music industry in Turkey is a controversial topic and there might be some conflict between people,we cannot deny the fact that we are behind the most of the countries. Have you ever thought why we are below the standards and we cannot progress?


If I had a chance and had the money to invest, I would like to work for the development of the music industry in Turkey. Because it is sad but an indisputable fact that nowadays everyone can produce music, release songs even albums and they think they are perfect and begin to act like they are professional. But the problem is they are not. They do not spend lots of time, they don’t get exhausted, they don’t struggle, they do not try again and again to make the song sound better, and most of them even don’t have a stage presence! Main reason of the success behind the foreigner singers that gained popularity all over the world is they take their time, they spend their hours and weeks to produce just one song and release it. It is not because they are slow and untalented, it is because they go every single part and detail over and over again. They learn choreos even some of them create their own choreography and they work for every dance move to look nice on stage, they record themselves and watch ownself facial expressions  etc. and do self-criticize. But when we look to the songs that are trending in Turkey most of the time we cannot see any of the things I mentioned just now. To summarize, Turkey’s trending song and even though I don’t wanna call them singers we can say that everyone that has mouth thinks they are singers or musicians!


But the problem is while these people are making music and earning lots of money lots of teenagers,people who really love and want a career related to music cannot find jobs even if they find their income is not enough or some of them just give up because they are aware that music is not seen important in our country and they will be jobless. So I would like to be the voice of these people. I would found an academy-like company where me and my company’s staff give a chance to these passionate people.I would focus more to teenagers because our country’s future are teens. Firstly I would make a general audition that everyone could join all over the Turkey and I’d take 20 teens and give them a chance to become a trainee under my company. There’d be monthly evaluations where we follow their improvements and give them feedbacks.

And when we decide they are ready to debut and show their full talent to the industry we’d do a debut group and make them work harder for their dreams. Also I’d make sure they get any help they need,follow their health etc. In this way not only for the teens who want a music career but also for the teens who cannot find job but talented and hardworking photographers,directors,lyricists,producers etc. we can give them opportunities to show their skills and improve also earn money.


In conclusion there are lots of teens who can be a successful representative for our country if we can give them opportunities. We may be under the standards now but with high-qualified education and be the voice of the talented teens we can reach and even pass those standards.


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