Two-Sided Emotion

Loneliness… The emptiness… Missing half of heart. Can not find your place on this earth. Can not understand how numb you became. Or being the best version of yourself with choosing to be lonely. Focusing on yourself, improving your weaknesses or maybe just easing your mind with some peacefulness.  Feeling or choosing to be lonely are ideas which are far away from each other.

 In this cruel world, everyone is alone in different ways but they are too good at hiding it that we feel like we are the only ones who feels lost. Missing your family, your home, friends, even your happy-self… We always need someone to hold our hand and tell that everything will be allright and that they are here for us. Because dark nights seems scary without someone by your side.

You can have a lot of your / loved ones near you but still feel alone. This is the part where you feel like no one understands you, and “when they cannot understand what is going on, how are they going to help me” , you think to yourself. That is when this loneliness hits the hardest. Because, in that state of mind you feel like you have no one, and maybe at some point you even lost yourself ,too. You tell to yourself that you have to deal with this by yourself. You wish that you just have someone who cares you rather than having a bunch of people who have no idea about the situation you are dealing with. This is the desperate kind of loneliness yet can teach you whole lot of lessons in a limited time. Maybe a lesson which would take a life-time for you to understand and adopt.

 Everything we deal with in life, have ups and downs. This is valid for being alone, too. It does not have to be always night. We can see the beauty in being alone. The independency you feel, the inner-peace you find… Imagine you are reading your favorite book, listening some soothing music while watching the pouring rain. You can hear the crackling of your fireplace with the smell of your coffee. You, your book and rain. That is the combination of what I need when I am drained. In that case, as long as you find yourself in that blank you are not alone at all. You always have yourself, so technically if you can identify the line between being alone and feeling lonely you are free from the society standards about loneliness. It is all in your mind and how you think of yourself.

 To conclude, you choose to have a solidute life at some points to understand, figure out, which can be very helpful for you;  but still, there is happen to be an  another side of the loneliness which no one wants to experience yet it brings a life-time lesson for you to grow up. There is a saying that “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere you find yourself”



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