Two Sides of the Same Coin

“Satiety can be as much of an incitement as hunger.”

Even though we despise the most desperate possible situations, when things are ideal, the best can be as annoying as the worst. It is absurd that the two opposites create the same feeling. It is like a clown house filled with mirrors, so distracting and devious. How is having nothing to worry about can be worse than overthinking your brains out?

Over here is my theory

Humans are imperfect to their core. Some are so rotten that they are stinking like hidden corpses. And then we look at nature, the space and the animals. So beautiful and strong! It makes you wonder if the problem is humanity’s need for impurity and pain. The desire to live in places that looks like us.

Later on, I also think that if we want the pain why is it not rewarding and more happily received by people. The thing we require is the change itself. It is why some people cheat or steal or carry out wretched things. It connects with the idea of heaven in my head. If the heaven is an eternal state of happiness, it will become more indifferent to us day by day.

man can choose being killed than living for eternity. On another perspective this can also indicate that sometimes the worse option is the painless one. Like a woman turning herself in for her crimes instead of running away. The conscience weighs over her freedom.

As a result, pain should be considered personal and unique. It is changing and it is extremely unstable.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

As stated in this quote pain is something we will go through whether we are hungry or satiated. It is our choice to decide how to handle it. A freedom that we are granted, choosing between the good and bad. That promotes another possibility. The possibility that some people are just wired to be unhappy. No matter how great things are they will still remain unsatisfied.

Last not least, some lives are not suitable for some people. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. If you made the wrong decision at first the other problems coming after will not matter. You will perceive it as a punishment, nothing else.

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