Umm… My life?

What is life? Why do we live? Do we live the life we want or deserve? Is it significant to live a successful life or a life ful of fun and amusement? If we do not earn anything when we die, what is the purpose of life? I would like to answer my questions by assuming that if I could live someone else’s life for one day whose life would it be?

I think I would like to live Elon Musk’s life. You know he is rich, has a family, he is successful and strong and he lives this life. On the other hand, I would like to live Alex Turner’s life. He is so fine and famous. He travels around the world and sings to hundreds of people. This shall be exciting but also both Elon Musk’s and Alex Turner’s life is tiring.
I will go with Alex Turner and think about living his life for one day. I would probably wake up by 9 a.m. Pop a beer and get ready for my interview with Vogue. Also, pack some of my stuff because I will be flying to Italy and giving a concert there. When I am interviewing I would have to answer a lot of weird questions and this would be boring. After two hours of interviewing I would go back to my house and get together with the other band members (aka my friends). We would get on our private plane and fly straight to Italy. On the way, I would pop another beer and drink it. When we finally land we would go to our hotel room and get ready for the concert. In the end, I would dance and sing 505 at the same time in front of hundreds of people. When the concert is over I would take some photos with my fans and go to a party.

Now back to my questions, I think I live for amusement and I live to be happy. I do not know if I live the life I deserve but I am sure I would do anything to deserve and earn a good life.

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