Under the Stars

“We only knew about life under the clouds.”

Year, 2072

He was very close to achieving the dream he had dreamed of every day before going to bed. NASA, where he worked, had given him the project to find a new habitable planet. Unfortunately, it was estimated that the life of the earth remained less than fifty years. For the sake of this dream, he had worked diligently day and night without sleeping at all. Eventually, his efforts paid off, he discovered a planet and named it ‘Matrix’. It had been five years since he had discovered the Matrix. During these five years, he had also done a lot of research. As a result of their research, the Matrix was the planet with the highest habitability rate after Earth.

In the last hundred years, mankind has done a lot of things that will lead to the end of the world. The world wars had continued and atomic bombs had been launched. Half of the world’s population had died. The remaining ones had further reduced their numbers with the civil wars. Unfortunately, the only hope that the human generation could continue was the planet named ‘Matrix’ that he discovered. Since the time was very limited, it was necessary to go to the Matrix and do research there in a short time.

That day was today. He was going to the Matrix, where he was working on it for hours. The alarm rang. But he was already awake, how could it not be? He quickly prepared and proceeded to the area where they were to be launched to make final checks. His team was waiting for him right there.

He looked at his team standing next to him, how much they had achieved together. He was filled with a sense of confidence and pride in them. He thought he needed to get out of the universe in his head and get back to real life. The journey to the Matrix would take exactly twenty years. For this, special spaceships and capsules were designed in which they would be put to sleep for twenty years. It had never been done before, they didn’t know if there was life there. It had a way out, but it might not be back, it would be the biggest launch ever made. And he was the chief astronaut of this mission, he was very proud of it. He had done many successful jobs, and had been named the best astronaut in the world. No one else could have done this task but him.

Was there fear? He had been asking himself this question ever since he started his profession, but he had been asking himself it almost every day since his plan to go to this ‘Matrix’. But only time would show the answer.
Cowardice was not for him, he had always been brave in his life. Because he knew that he always had to be brave to achieve his goals.
The situation he was in now seemed impossible to him in the past, but time had the power to change everything.
Finally, overwhelmed by his thoughts in his mind, he prevailed and returned to real life. His crew was waiting for him inside the ship. He took a step inside…

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