Unidentified Contradiction

A belief is to make a heartfelt commitment to what is accepted and accepted. Every person believes in something. Beliefs can change according to point of view, thoughts, and cultures and gain or lose meaning.Millions of people on earth believe that life will end in death, that there is no life and no god beyond death. It is impossible to make predictions about the future, but it is possible to develop robustly by trying to understand and questioning how it first appeared and why some turned away, while others chose to believe it allows you to turn to beliefs.

Belief can also bring with it certain rules and conditions related to them. For example, when believing in a religion, they may have opinions that they form according to themselves, which are divided into good-bad, right-wrong. In fact, this is why we need to defend ourselves and contradict the opposite information to see if it enslaves or apologies us.Does it mean that if something imposes rules on you and forces you to do it without a few, does it mean that it enslaves a person? Or does it necessarily mean that a person considers it freedom to live without rules, boundaries or lines to be an apology?

Drawing classes for people or making rules does not exactly mean enslaving them. Enslaving a person can mean trying to take advantage of him no matter what he is for, or within the limits he sets for a person, mesala what is a slave? A person who has no right to speak, does not mention it, is not considered at all, is only asked to do business and is considered a person who does business. But believing in something does not become a slave to faith. Belief does not liberate a person. Beliefs draw certain boundaries to people, and it is within these boundaries that a certain lifestyle or established rule, or whether it is wanted to be done by everyone, is to live in thoughts that are considered to have been done something bad. This is not freedom. But it is also not considered limited, because these lines are very large options, and it depends on the free will of a person to make a choice in them

Beliefs can be considered options. They also have a categorized state in them. They are left to choices, wishes, heartfelt attachment, and each person proceeds to what makes sense for himself, this does not make a person a slave. But it doesn’t make it free either. Without belief there is a lot of people. The power of belief is intense in people.

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