Universal Values

Everyone has their own set of truths and principles. Since everyone’s standards are different, we want to live according to that. In this case, too, we cannot meet at a common point. When this is the case, we cannot reach the life that people want to live. Then, do you think the world would be a more livable place if ethical values ​​were decided to be common? 

This is a very deep question that can be answered with a lot of different answers. My opinion is that we will not be able to reach a more livable world, even if joint decisions are taken. because when there are millions of people in the world, it is almost impossible to take a common decisions. However still, considering today’s mentality, we can decide on some critical ethical values ​​and thus the world can become a better place to live. 

In addition to determining or changing ethical values, it is also important to comply with these values. For example, at the moment, each nation has its own unique ethical values ​​and the important thing is to comply with these rules. The fact that everyone’s value is different is perhaps the fact that the people there can comply with them or not. In this case, if we universalize some values, we can of course have a better life.

Here are some values ​​that I think everyone should put into practice: Public service awareness, honesty and impartiality, respect, trust, courtesy and kindness, commitment to purpose and mission, fulfillment of assigned duties and these kind of examples that can be written here. 

In fact, when we look at it, most ethical values ​​depend on what I write. In other words, we can understand that the subtitles of ethical values ​​are different, not the ethical values. then, if these values ​​become universal, it is possible for us to lead a better life according to my values and my opinions. Of course, there are many more items that can be added, and there will be items that people will want to edit according to their own views. 

If we make a general assessment, while it is actually a good idea to generalize our ethics, it will be difficult to put it into practice. If we can put our values ​​into practice, the world will definitely be a more livable place, but if we don’t, I don’t think anything will change. 

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