Universal Values

Firstly I want to mention the meaning of ethical values. Ethical values are the principles that public service providers should pay attention to in order to gain social order. Behaviors such as honesty, virtue, and generosity, responsibility can be examples of ethical values. Ethical values ​​may differ from country to country. The most important factors affecting this situation are the politics, economy, and technology level of the country.

There are 190 countries in this world we live in. And all of these countries have different cultures. The reason why 190 of 190 countries have different ethical values ​​is that they all have different cultures. In other words, from the past to the present, all societies live based on a different ethical value. If all people lived in one country, there would be no cultural difference, and ethical behavior would be universal. Living in one country could prevent bad things like racism, but the absence of cultural differences would narrow our visions as humans. Which doesn’t seem likely when the population is so high. As a result, there will always be cultural differences.

Although culture is a big factor, I think one of the things that will universalize ethical values is education. With the increase in population, the most important of education in a country means that that country has such ethical values. Based on this situation, it may make sense to universalize the ethical value by equalizing the education level in all countries. But as I said at the beginning, population growth is at such a high level, which makes education selective these days. So making the education level equal everywhere is not a solution either. And also there is technology. It does not seem very possible to be under the same culture with the development of technology. Because technology is so advanced that it separates cultures, not only cultures, technology also distances people from culture.

In my opinion, it is not possible to universalize ethical values. But the world would be a more livable place if there was a way to make ethical values universal. Since all countries have the same ethical values, they would get along well politically and there would be no wars. They would try to do something for the sake of people (regardless of which country they were from) Everyone would be considered equal before the right and law, without discriminating against anyone. There would be no racism, grouping, etc. People could live peacefully and happily under one roof. A society’s high level of welfare means that society is doing effective things for the world. I mean the world would be better if people lived in prosperity.

Consequently, If ethics were universal, the world would be a better place. People would be happy and be nice. We would live in a peaceful environment. Gathering countries under one roof would end the war and bring peace. This would solve today’s problems and help us live happier lives.


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