Universe’s Laws

Nearly everyone has heard of Murphy’s law that says ” If something can go wrong, it will.”. Murphy’s law has been a trending topic in discussions among people for a while. And now we have another law that is known to go opposite to Murphy’s law, the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction which is that what we think about, feel about, and focus on, is exactly what we create, manifest, and invite into our lives whether it’s positive or negative.

We, as humans actually use Murphy’s law in our daily life without thinking nor focusing on it. We are projecting onto the universe that the outcome will be negative with our pessimistic thoughts. It’s always easier to expect the worse. Some say that they always imagine that the worst possible outcome out of all possibilities will come true, which is basically what Murphy’s law defends because they don’t want to feel the disappointment of believing in something that didn’t happen. However, right here people are actually using the Law of Attraction but in a negative way. So in order for things in your life to go well, you really have to discipline your thinking. And if you are a fan of Murphy’s Law, then you are actually using the Law of Attraction in reverse. Good thoughts bring good, bad thoughts bring bad.

How do we know that these laws aren’t complete bullshit? Murphy’s law is basically a belief system. So its’ accuracy is left for people to decide on their own. As it’s known there isn’t any empirical scientific evidence supporting the law of attraction either. So how did it get so popular? Well, it’s because people who claimed that they were using the law of attraction saw results both physical and psychological. They say that until then, they had no idea that their thoughts had so much power that they could actually manifest. And when it’s several people saying that it works people got interested. Because who doesn’t want their life to be in their hands? Who doesn’t want to hold that kind of power? However, it’s not easy to do at all. It needs a whole change in the attitude of the person. Always be grateful for whatever we have and emit positive vibes. All this cannot be learnt like a crash course, you have to sit with yourself, live consciously, organise your thoughts, give reasoning and the main thing is never crib but be thankful for whatever you have.


If you also got interested but also learnt about it before just didn’t know how to or where to start. The book ” The Secret” is recommended by many people who are interested in the area. They want you to know that you will be going for a big ride with it.

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