Unknown Mistakes

It is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the exact same procedures, just different terms. There are clear differences that you should be made aware of before you begin to read about the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery.

The main purpose of cosmetic surgery is to enhance an individuals’ appearance. The procedures are solely focused on aesthetic appearance. Examples of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are: Facial Contouring, Breast Enhancement, Skin Rejuvenation. Contrastingly, plastic surgery does not focus on the aesthetic outcome. Plastic surgery repairs birth defects or deals with burns and disease. Examples of plastic surgery procedures are: Burn Repair Surgery, Hand Surgery, Breast Reconstruction.

One thing is undeniable. Cosmetic surgery is a result of low self-esteem and self-acceptance. We wouldn’t feel the need to change anything if we truly liked and loved ourselves. Women, in particular, have been brainwashed to be attractive. There is so much pressure on women all around the world to be attractive and slender that it produces emotional turmoil and massive quantities of self-hatred. 

Every day, we are bombarded with flawless photos of women. Perfection looks back at you when you glance up at a billboard or read a magazine. It’s easy to forget that the image you’re looking at is probably the best of a hundred, and it’s almost certainly been airbrushed.

Nonetheless, these images of slender, gorgeous women arouse our fears and self-doubt, prompting us to reach for the first doughnut we can find… As a result, the self-hatred endures. 

The cosmetic surgery market is thriving, and it’s just not going to get any better. However, it appears that not enough is being done to educate people from within. We naturally think that external beauty will transform us on the inside, but this is incorrect. Most women do not fall in love with themselves immediately after surgery. Many women discover that their old insecurities persist, and they continue to compare themselves negatively to other women.

Surgery can help people with deformities and obvious flaws, but women looking for superficial changes like breast enlargements will likely find that they don’t magically transform into the fictional woman they’ve always wished to be. They continue to hold the same attitudes and views.

On a surface level, cosmetic surgery can improve a person’s appearance and benefit them. Confidence can also be boosted by changing the attitude of the individual undergoing surgery. Some people only only a minor adjustment to their physical appearance to shift their perception of themselves in a favorable way, and this can be all they require. However, it is not only about the surgery; there is a shift in mindset that aids in the transformation.

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