Unknown Number

      One day, I was sitting on my couch watching a movie, and suddenly I got a message on my phone, I didn’t know exactly who it was from. It was from a secret number.


       I didn’t care much about the message and continued to watch my movie, but this message started coming more than once, so I got curious and looked at the message.In the message, the person I didn’t know wanted me to meet him in the square, but it was a little scary to me and I asked who he was.He didn’t tell me who he was, but he said that if I didn’t meet him, bad things would happen to me, he even said that he would hurt my family.


      I was very scared at first, I thought of calling the police, but he said that if I called the police, he would do the same thing again, and I told him that I would be there any day he wanted at any time.After telling me the day and time, I got there just in time, but there was no one waiting for me, a man passing by hit me and caused me to drop my phone at that moment. 


      I was very angry with the man at that moment, but instead of focusing on the man, I was looking for the person who called me here, so I skipped over the man who hit me. I waited there for about an hour but no one came so I thought it was a joke and went back home.

      While I was sitting at home watching my movie again, a message came and the man asked me to look in my jacket pocket, so I reached my pocket, although I was afraid, and I found a paper, there was writing in a ridiculous language that I did not understand, I asked the man what it was, but he did not answer.


      It looked like a code that I had to solve. Two days later, a picture came from the same number and it had the same letters as the paper in my hand, I realized that it was a different language, but it was too late for that..

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