Illuminated street of old european town at night

Unknown Street

I started a day like an usual day,

First I take a shower when my hair become dry I started to preapare a breakfest for me and my dog after the breakfast take a cup of coffe at the same time my dog finished her breakfast I take my dog to walking. Until here everything is same as other days. All interesting thing start in here I saw a men which is runing to somewhere ı guess he triying to reach some where in correct time but he came near myself and he says you need to run as far as you can because the tornado coming to  the town if you dont came with me you need to die loonly. This world is triggered me so I want to go with him somehow we entered unknown street which is has no name or number its my first time to see this street this street is most crowded location whicj ı never seen before in this town everyone is preparing something as I understand the preparation the big travel is waiting us at the same time I realize everyone have belongings but I didnt barrow these items I asked the time of the travel start to someone who looks like cheif and he sad we have 28 minutes so I started to run my house

I reach my house after 11 minutes this mean I have 5 more minutes to take some items from my house I choosed most important item after that I contuniued to run when ı came unknown street everything and everyone is gone I rush into a main bulding I feel head ache behind my head I realized I was at
the airport when I came to myself. I stand up and ı heard the disgusting sound of the big television, the news on the screen is about tornado, tornado is destroyed all of the town but I already dont know anything about the gorup of people which is started to travel and who is save my life.

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