Unnecessary Procedure

As we all know there have always been some procedures while going to foreign countries in some countries which causes a lot of time to fill and wait especially if you are an ordinary citizen. And that official permission we get for going to foreign countries from offices is called a visa.  Besides that, in some countries, you actually don’t have to get one of them in order to travel to another country and that is quite better in many ways. So do you think that in order to visit a foreign country we should lose time and money for permission or they are obviously nonsense in your point of view?

To start with I want to mention how visas are working. The thing we call a visa is basically, as I mentioned, an official document given to you by the government of the country you want to visit that proves you are allowed to travel to that country legally. And they are especially needed if your country and the country you want to travel to don’t have an agreement on visiting each other’s countries without a visa.

So let’s discuss in which cases visas are actually useful or beneficial for traveling to a foreign country. Actually, if you have a visa that means you are allowed to visit that country and in any case of a problem that will happen to you while being in that country you can use your visa. And it is beneficial for the governments to gain another income from visas for the economy of the country. Additionally, lots of citizens are working in the consulates and having their income from being responsible for the visa applications.

On the other hand, visas are not that beneficial for everyone, especially for the ones who want to travel. They actually are causing lots of time and money waste to ordinary citizens. Most of the time citizens are even can not travel just because of the high visa fee rates in developing countries. Also, let’s not forget how countries are categorized by their social status when the topic is getting a visa for some countries in Europe especially.

To sum it up, in my opinion, getting visas for visiting countries is not necessary and actually not something we need just to travel to another country and spend hours and hours for it. So the visas should be removed while visiting other countries for the good of citizens.


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