Until That One Day

The bell rang. Maren opened the door it was emma who came.She was very different than usual,very different.

What’s up,Maren asked ı cannot believe that all happened Emma said,Maren asked her again was going on but Emma started screaming loudly.Maren asked her the third time:Girl tell me what’s going on, wait a minute ı have to realize everything Emma said.

Okey but just know that you are so very weird right now.Yeah ı know but it has a reason are you ready Emma said to Maren, yeah tell me girl she said with an exiting voice. We are together she shouted and it was  quite for a moment.


Maren breathed deeply and said wait wait ı have to realize that like how you and Henrik are together now like a couple a real couple?Yeah right girl Emma answered. Both looked deep into each other’s eyes and both are screaming at the same time because of joy.You have to tell me everything oh my god,my best friend,my soulmate.My sister has a now holy ı’m so happy for you sweetheart. So we had a date today and then stop stop and Maren interrupted Emma while she was talking you had a date and you did not tell me anything,yeah sorry ı know that ı should have told you that but back to the story.Yeah where was the the date place everywhere  emma said and laughed.We walked from this place to another one.

First he came to pick me up and he went toa restaurant for having our dinner then we watched the sunset and he told me some bad things about his life and i consoled him and he consoled me.Because ı also told some sad and bad things.

There we came  close really  close he looked deep into my eyes and said ı love you since the day ı meet you.You are so beautiful your hair ,your smile,your lips which i want to taste and came closer to me and then all happened he asked me and ı said yes that is it girl.

Oh god what a romantic story maren said yeah,of course ı cannot believe it happened so much until that one day.


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