One day when I was at school everything was looking normal. I was attending to my classes, answering questions and playing with my friends until the 4th class. When it ended everybody went to play football. I was with them too but then I realized that I was so thirsty and I forgot my water bottle at my class. When I went there I took my bottle and I was about to leave but I heard a weird noise. It was like a chalk. Its noise was very disturbing, and I said “Stop that noise” but I didn’t get any reply’s. When I looked at the board I saw that nobody was there and the chalk was floating by Itself. I got scared and ran away while yelling. When I told It to my friends they started to laugh at me and I got embarrassed. I thought that I was seeing things In my head. At night I was still scared from the thing that happened at school. I couldn’t sleep and at 11 o’clock I heard scary noises. And then a ghost got In to my room. I was so scared and then I hid under the comforter. 10 minutes later I stopped hearing the noises and I was awake until the school bus came. At school I told this to my friends. Then they led me Into a room and I saw that my parents were there. Then they said that yesterday was Halloween and they pranked me. I was angry at them but I was happy to know that they weren’t real.

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