Unusual Loneliness

Mankind is a peculiar being. Human beings never want to be inserted into various patterns, to take the forced shapes of these patterns, and to change involuntarily. It has been far from unlikely that such changes have happened. When human beings wanted to change, they changed of their own accord, and when they opposed the change, they came up with a logical thesis of their own. But what if this stereotyping is made unnoticed by mankind?

There is only one way to change a person who does not want to change: ordinary actions. There are certain actions that people necessarily perform every day and are now commonplace for them. They don’t even think about it when they do these actions. Their brains now know by heart when they should do these actions, and what they should do when they feel them. I’m just waiting for that feeling to come, brain. As soon as that feeling comes, it turns off the thinking part of the human brain, an autopilot is already acting instead.

These actions that people do without thinking are not an important place for them, because they are done daily, they just do it. If you inject the points where you want to change a person between these ordinary actions, you will get a positive result. Mankind first begins to do this action day today. With the passage of some time, it turns into daily action. After it becomes a daily action, an inevitable end awaits people to continue, albeit without realizing it.

Social media entered human life by the turn of the 20th century. At that time, not all people could take advantage of this new technology. Only a small segment was able to provide transportation. Day by day it became more and more developed, as time progressed. Now, when we look at it, we see that everyone around us necessarily has a social media account. There are no more individuals who have just come out and are not using this technology that not everyone can use now.

Social media, which is available to everyone, has not stopped spreading. He has taken a place in the middle point of people’s daily lives. Social media, which has become a daily activity, gives people various messages, albeit unnoticed. It radically changes previously existing perceptions, thoughts, ways of understanding, and emotions.

With the videos taken, a certain perception of beauty was created through photographs. There are now several criteria for being beautiful. If you are an individual who meets these criteria, you have reached a point where you can be called beautiful. Everyone who uses social media, on the other hand, tries to adapt to it without realizing this perception of beauty created. Everyone is trying to fit themselves into a certain mold, and the bad thing is that this mold is the same for each individual.

The number of people who have their feelings, feelings, looks, appearance, and body language is decreasing every day. This decrease, which is parallel to the increase in the number of social media users, eliminates the concept of being unique. It makes everyone the same as each other.

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