Use Cloth Bags, Save Money


As we have started living in 2019, a law has come into effect. Any guesses? I think it shouldn’t be that hard to make a prediction about what I am going to tell you. It is the issue which is a meme on the internet these days: “Paying for the plastic bags”.

People all over the world have been paying for their bags. Actually, they don’t even pay for their bags when they are shopping. They bring their bags with them which is a great way of saving the money. However, we have just started paying for our bags which seems quite abnormal to me. Why didn’t we do it before?

The government decided to make the price of a plastic bag 25 “kuruş”. According to me, the price could have been higher than that. I thought that people would continue paying for their bags but it is not the situation. Even the people who earn much started bringing their bags with them. Nevertheless, there is something that we miss. The bags which are found in the produce section are free of charge which prompts some people to get those bags and put their goods into them. If we are attempting to do the recycling by charging the plastic bags, the cost should be higher. Okan Bayülgen said that “Let’s sell it for 10,20 Liras, not for 25 kuruş, 50 kuruş or 1 Lira. Sell it for higher prices so that people will avoid buying. Decrease the usage of bags even annihilate it.” It was well said! And he also mentioned the horrible situation which is the plastic that we digest when we eat fish furthermore, the plastic we respire without intentionally.


What I am trying to say is that bring your cloth bags with you when you are going shopping. It is that simple. Just bring them and make a contribution to recycling. What can we do more? We can start with using the recycle bins around us for recycling. As you know, most of the lazy people in society put their trash into them rather than putting them into the rubbish bins. In my opinion, using the recycle bins for the purpose that they serve would be beneficial for our country.

Every day we drink bottles of water. Why don’t we recycle plastic bottles? I cannot think of the number of bottles put into the trash in a day. If we collected the bottles, there would be a hill. It is not late to start recycling. If we start recycling now, we can save the world or at least extend the time of our survival.

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