I opened my eyes. Just can’t remember how long I’ve been asleep in this emptiness. Don’t remember anything, not even my name. Also, there was nothing around me, not a single soul. To be honest, I was frightened at first cause ‘Hello? You are alone in this –didn’t know what to call this environment- ‘. So eventually, I stood up and started walking in this creep-like environment with no thoughts in my mind.

As I walked, some flashing lights were attracting my eyes and as any human being would do, I started to walk in that direction. After a while, not really sure how long I’d been walking, I saw a child looking for her mother. She was worried and tired at the same time, the tear and sweat drops could be easily seen but hard to differ them. I had this strange feeling which was pushing me to follow her and, so I did. She led me into a busy, grey-cloud-like city center. Although I traveled to almost every city on earth, I couldn’t recall this one. It was not like NYC or London or Tokyo… Suddenly I lost the little girl in this great turmoil. I couldn’t help to think that it was my fault that I lost her but she barely recognized me this whole time. I continued walking but a lot slower this time. I tried to talk to people who were using the avenue but none of them talked to me, they didn’t even turn their head or make eye contact. I tried to speak with everybody that I saw and every possible language that is known by people.


The day started to give its place to the night and had no response at all. Now I had a bigger problem, where to sleep? I wondered around the streets of this eccentric city. It was pretty eccentric because every single street had its own name. I passed through ‘MONEY ST.’, the buildings were eye-catching. It was obvious where the street got its name from. I tried to walk in but I banged into a clear barrier, which I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I moved on to the next ones. After passing ‘DEFICIENT ST.’, ‘HIGH-CLASS ST.’ and ‘IRIE ST.’ I came across the ‘VANISHED ST.’. No surprise that this was the only street that allowed me to step in. I had no other choices so I stepped in and saw tons of different people but they were not like the others which I tried to talk to this morning. Some of them were from the ’20s, 60’s and ’80s, I could easily say it from the clothing and style. And some were from the future, I suppose. ‘Isn’t this strange?’ I screamed, ‘Are we all alone because we have VANISHED?’. Nobody dared to talk as if they were in silent competition. I wasn’t going to wait in here and become one of them so I tried to step out but I couldn’t. I backed a little bit and ran into a barrier. I should’ve fainted because I don’t remember going out or staying in and also I was indifferent to clothing and environment. I woke up, finally.

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