Valentina Tereshkova

57 years ago, many of us dreamed of seeing the world from space. Valentina Tereshkova. The first woman to reach the stars, go into space
Why would a young woman from a small town on the Volga River want to go to so much space? Perhaps his father wanted to leave the world as far as possible because he was killed in World War II.

When she was young, Valentina, who worked at a seven-year-old steel factory, went to school at night and trained in technology. This study wasn’t so exciting for this young woman. That’s why he made a very brave hobby to break Valentina’s route. Don’t jump with parachutes… This hobby is the most important thing to bring him closer to the stars. G became the greatest model of Valentina Tereshkova, who lived in space and became the first person to go to space. Valentina has been applied to be a cosmonaut at the perfect time, looking for excitement. In 1961, after sending Yuri Gagarin to space, the Soviet Union began to plan to send a woman to space. How would a woman’s body react physically and mentally to this space flight experience? Also, sending a woman into space would be a very good marketing effort for equality…

At the time Valentina applied, the Soviet Union was equal to the female selection process for a full space mission. Yuri Gagarin’s leadership, there were five final candidates between 400 women. Valentina Tereshkova is among the candidates who have been interested in parachutes and parachutes and regional awards. What was more important for the Vostok space tool to use than the pilot was the ability to jump in parachute. Because when the Vostok spacecraft entered the atmosphere during its return to Earth, the cosmonaut would be launched from the capsule and then landed with his parachute jumping ability. Tereshkova was also a worker and a socialist woman, leaving other candidates to lose her father in the war. So Valentina Tereshkova had only a few steps to pass the date. Valentina and other women’s candidate training began in the first months of 1962. During nearly eight months of hard training, Valentina Tereshkova did her best to become a cosmonaut. During the night, we continued to work in the mirror… it wasn’t enough to understand the level of education, the rockets, or the space machine, but it was also overwhelmed by the effort.

As Valentina Tereshkova, the first female cosmonaut in space, said, “Work hard and you will succeed”.

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