Value Problem

It is no surprise that our world is running out of resources. Nothing on this world is unlimited yet here we are using those resources as if they are. But during these days when we still have enough of them, which one is more valueable? Water, the source of life; or petroleum, a fortune lying under our lands. Which one would you rather have endlessly of in your country?

At first glance you can think that as petroleum costs excessively more than water, it is more valueable. But this brings up another question. Do we measure value by money when it comes to the finite resources we have? If not, then what do we measure it with?

From my point of view the answer is no. Because if money was the important factor that would mean water is completely useless. Also we are born in a world where there is everything you need but the governments put a cost on even the most naturally found thing around you. So it does not make much sense that we are paying for either of them anyway. For the second question, I think what we need more in our lives is more valueable. Because it is those things that help us remain alive. This passage may lead you to think that water is infinitely more important. But petrol still has great value that not many of us realise even with the money factor gone.

While I think petroleum is more valueable, my reasoning is not its money worth. It would be how we can use petroleum to manufacture new tools for our future life standarts to be better. Since our world is running out of resources there are two ways to keep human kind alive. One is that we are going to need to build a new kind of life on earth and the other solution is to find a new “earth” that we can live on. It is clear that petroleum is the needed for both of these solutions which makes it crucial.

Moreover, when it comes to a country having valuable resources political strength is also a factor. As governments still use money to designate value petroleum is an ace up their sleeves. And political strength can open many doors. Doing the basic math, we can say that when you have petroleum you have power over other countries with other resources which includes water. So petroleum can bring you the water you need if you have enough.

To summarise, we can say petroleum is needed and more valueable in many aspects. So if my country were to have either one these in infinite amounts, I would rather it be petroleum


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