View Of Beauty In Our Lives

Technology is perhaps the most important invention in human life. It has made our life easier in many ways. When we want to reach someone, we call them by phone or text them via WhatsApp, not by letter or when we are bored we do various activities to have fun thanks to them. Thanks to the Internet, social media allows people to stay in touch with each other too. The photos shared in such applications have changed many things in people and one of them is the perception of beauty.



Although the perception of beauty may be different for each person, today the perception of beauty is mostly understood by looking at the types of people. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increasing popularity of social media nowadays. Most of the posts shared on social media include handsome boys or beautiful girls. Since people spend so much time on social media, it seems normal to them now. This situation makes the perception of beauty largely dependent on social media. A style seen not only in social media but also in a movie or TV series can be fashion today. For example, after a newly released movie or TV series, some people cosplay or dress like a character in that movie. And this is a proof that the internet shapes our perception of beauty. However, another thing that the perception of beauty depends on is that person’s personality. A person may be very beautiful or handsome, but that does not mean they are a good person. For example, there are many people who marry for money nowadays. There are so many people who get married and divorced for the money given to the other part when they break up with each other.



In short, the perception of beauty has changed largely due to virtual programs on the internet and it will continue to change. Although the most important thing at the moment is the outer beauty, I think the personality of the person is essential as outer beauty. Of course, everyone wants to be with someone more beautiful or handsome, but to this beauty or handsomeness, you should add the personality of the person, so when measuring someone’s beauty, you should add both outer and inner beauty to the result.

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