Nobody is born evil. Even one of the most ruthless leaders Kim Jong Un who once was a shy student at a Switzerland school with a typical teenage life. He was even caught trying to hide mature magazines. This shows us that behind every ruthless, merciless person there is a normal civilian. But what happened that made them the people they are I history books ? Well, if you look up their history from right places and go a little bit deep you will probably see that they were either doing what they believed was right or an event that happened made them take a sharp turn from being innocent to the villain int he history. I’m not trying to say that what Hitler did or what Kim Jong Un does is reasonable.

My point is that everyone as good in them. Everyone can be a villain if you push them enough. Social media start to show effects in this part. Because on internet people make comments whether they are hurtful or not. When you post a photo they immediately start to say that it’s photoshopped or how your tummy looks big. Then they start to tag you with some disturbing names and make people believe that you are a bad person. You can choose to ignore them but every person has a limit. This is one of the reasons some youtubers committed crimes. Because they couldn’t ignore those comments anymore. İf you think this is bad you’re wrong because there are so many vloggers who committed suicide because of this.

In society there are people who are seen as heroes, and it would be absurd if there wasn’t a villain in the story. Because a hero needs a villain right? So they chose someone and push their limits until they become the villain. In the end they have made a completely or mostly innocent person a villain.


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