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Virtual Or Real

I think everyone has played traditional games or sports in their lives at least once and most of them played them when they were kids and really enjoyed it. Therefore with the constantly developing technology so many things get into our lives like technological devices , social media or ınternet but the thing I will be talking about is a new type of game that  get into our lives and that is video games .


What is a video game ? A video game, also known as a computer game, is an electronic game that uses a user interface or input device to generate visual feedback, such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, or motion sensing device. A video display device, such as a TV, monitor, touchscreen, or VR, delivers this feedback. Audio feedback given through speakers , monitors or headphones, as well as other sorts of feedback, such as physical feedback, are regularly used in video games. First things first I want to give some examples of some famous video games  and masterpieces such as Rainbow six age , Counter Strike: Global Offensive , Valorant, League of Legends , God OF War ,Last Of Us, The Witcher, Half-Life and   Hollow Knight  .


To me ,honestly I do love and prefer video games over traditional games or sports such as hide and seek or football because of so many reasons like it does not require much physical labor and you can play it online even when you play without your friends . You do not need any preparation, you just need to launch the game . You can even have fun without your friends and play with everyone .Like there is no age gap (generally you need to be +7) or gender class .You can someone much taller ,shorter or stronger and if you want they couldn’t even see or hear you sometimes they don’t even understand your language but in game you are equal always who played better  will win ,that’s what I like at video games . But in traditional games the thing that mostly matters is not your tactics or brain, the thing that mostly matters would be physical abilities such as strength , length  or even gender . Nobody like a 20 years old veteran basketball player would go full at a 10 years old boy or girl basketball player even if they play really good they would be really miss matched but virtuality takes it .


I can give several more examples but it is useless even if traditional games are much more healthy and fun they are not generally equal  . But for video games you can have much more fun while being equal. I love that because it is the equality that gives two sides a chance of having  fun at least I think that way .

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