Virtual Reality

You have probably heard the word “photoshop.” It is a word commonly used today. Let me remind you what Photoshop means. Photoshop is to digitally modify using image editing software. It is an application that is used in various ways, both for business and for people’s own tastes. A blessing brought to us by the 21st century.

None of us have a great body,a great face, and no problems.Some people accept it, understand it, and are at peace with themselves.They love themselves for who they are. But in another group ,they describe their appearance as”not beautiful enough,not good enough” according to the perception of beauty created by others.They also want to photoshop their pictures because they don’t think they’re enough.In fact,this is why everyone wants thick lips,colorful eyes,long height,pronounced body lines, thin waist. But the reality is that none of us perfect and we wouldn’t be able to perfect.We are created with our defects and we are gorgeous as we are right now. We, as human beings, are very used to speaking harshly to ourselves.We’re also very used to smashing our flaws in our faces that no one sees,not showing ourselves the tolerance that we show other people. Especially at times like this ,when technology and social media are part of today, we compare ourselves, our close friends, even people we don’t know, with virtual reality.In fact,the lives we see on social media are photoshopped lives,they’re not real, they’re selected moments from our huge lives. We act the way we want our lives to be, or the way we want to be.We hide the parts we don’t like,we don’t want, and we highlight the ones we like. This ,in turn, makes young people feel bad and inadequate, not like them the way they are. The fact that people are insecure causes them to stay in the background on many issues in daily life. A list that goes as far as them withdrawing themselves,not stating their ideas and thoughts as they are,and from time to time they can’t even seek their rights.

That’s why I’m not a fan of using photoshop, but if a person feels better and it makes him happy, there’s not much to say to us.

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