Wait, I Can See Them?

Wait, I Can See Them?

The clock was ticking slowly as I was resting. My dad which was a drunkard and my mom who still loved him without a second thought were fighting. He was still blaming her for the accident which made me blind. Since the day I became blind, I could hear way better and because of that, I was losing my sanity over their screams. I got up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to stop them. As I was holding the wall to walk I heard a gunshot. I was in absolute shock. I didn’t know what to do and just run over there. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. It was my mom lying on the floor covered in blood with my dad‘s crying sounds covering any other sound. I didn’t know how to react to the fact of my dad killing my mom or me being able to see her after two years. My shock turned into tears just like how my legs gave up and let me fall on my knees. My dad dropped the gun as he was in denial of what he had just done. He came near me and hugged me for a while. As I was still in shock I couldn’t get angry, I just stood there on my knees and continued crying. Minutes later police sirens could be heard from outside.

”So, your dad did it?” The police officer asked me as he was taking my statement. I nodded my head as I was scratching my hand out of stress. “Your dad says otherwise, he says she killed herself. Do you have any proof which could verify what you said?” the police officer asked me while writing down something. “Like I said, they were fighting, my dad was drunk and he was blaming my mom out of nowhere as always. Do you think you could trust someone drunk at the time of the event happening?” I said confidently knowing that my father had no proof which could deny what I just said. “I wouldn’t, of course. But he wasn’t drunk nor was he on any drug. He passed both blood and breath tests and to be exact, I would like to trust someone who actually saw the event.” said the police officer with a little giggle. My shock turned into anger quickly. “But, he hit my mom multiple times before, and my mom still loved him. She was never suicidal even though his actions were as bad as his personality and do he even have proof of not killing her?” I said while trying to keep myself calm. The police officer wrinkled some papers and said “you are right. He doesn’t have any proof either, you can go now.” I guess he was irritated by my confidence talking even though like he said, I couldn’t see what had happened. I got up and went out of the police station with my father. I didn’t tell the police about me seeing my mom because he would have thought that I was lying or that I was crazy. Could I see people which are dead? Or was it a hallucination? Am I actually crazy or something? Or can I see people when they are dying?None of it sounds right but I am sure that in the pure nothingness I saw my mom. She was lying there. In the whole two years of me being blind, I would’ve never thought that the only person I could see would be my mom’s dead body. As we were walking to the bus station with my father I turned my head right and left to check if I could see anyone. My dad touched my shoulder and asked me what I was trying to do. I turned my head at him and then without talking I just continued to do what I was doing until I saw a boy with shorts and a hat walking by. I stopped to watch him pass me by. I could see him but he wasn’t dead, he even looked healthy. My dad stopped with me and just as he started saying something I went after the guy while trying not to bump into anyone. When I finally caught up to him, he stopped. “Hey what is your name-“ a car crashed into him. I could hear people scream, then a hand reached me and pulled me back to them. I could still see the guy, he was smiling widely with blood flowing down his mouth. He looked at me and said “It is Brandon, what is yours?” and closed his eyes as his smile was fading away. Now I was sure that I can see people when they are going to die. I wasn’t crazy. “Are you okay?” it was my dad‘s voice saying this. I nodded my head and watched that guy get taken by paramedics. It was nothingness again. “Let’s go to the bus stop before we miss it.” Said my dad and held my hand. After reaching home I noticed how weird and uncomfortable our house was without my mom’s lovely and energetic ‘welcome!’ We sat at the table with my dad, I could feel him staring at me. He said “I am sorry for everything.” and started crying. He did this every time he hit my mom so I wasn’t that shocked to be exact. Humans always apologize and do the same mistakes again, isn’t that weird? Or do they apologize for the next mistake they are going to do? “Please son, i am so sorry. Forgive your father please!” he said while crying loudly. I stood up and asked him “if you are so sorry, why did you lie to the police?” His crying finally stopped. “I didn’t.” he said with an angry tone. “You killed her so why are you lying?” I asked while my eyes filled with tears ready to cry. “She killed herself, I didn’t do anything!” he said screaming. “Then why were you the one to hold the gun?” I asked him without thinking. He didn’t say anything so I went to my room. I was tired of everything and tomorrow people were going to visit us to condolence us. I didn’t want my mother’s killer to be there and act as if nothing happened. I hate him. I hate him so much that I can’t think of anything different than what he did but still can’t have the face to tell each one of my thoughts. As I was thinking of all of these things I started crying. I wish I wasn’t blind. The police officer was right, you can’t trust someone who can’t even see. Actually, I can see. Wait, I can see! Of course, that is if someone is going to die. Now that I say that with a clear mind I just sound crazy, don’t I?

I woke up to the sound of the doorbell. I guess my dad didn’t have the face to wake me up after what happened. I got up quickly and wore some clothes of which I could tell just by touching them and combed my hair. As to still being sleepy, I moved with slow steps. My father had already opened the door and let in the guests when I got to the first floor. I greeted them and sat with them with their help. Guests kept on coming one by one and my dad was getting tired. He sighed louder every time the doorbell rang. “Can you open the door this time?” he said to me sighing loudly as the bell was ringing. I nodded my head and went to the door with his directions. When I opened the door a man loudly said hi and asked me who I was then introduced himself as my mothers’ old friend. It was kind of weird because to this day, I never heard his name once but I still let him in anyways. When I turned my head back after letting him in, I could see each person in the house except him. I was frozen in front of the door. I just stood there in shock. I saw my dad looking at me and after that greeting that man. He seemed to know him. Then why could I see everyone? Please god, let this all be a dream! I ran to my dad and just looked at him. “What? Did something happen? You look pale as if you’ve seen a ghost.” said my dad in a sarcastic way. Little did he know if my theory is true, everyone was going to die. “I need to tell you something.” I said trying to get him to stand up. “Tell what you have to say here, everyone here is our family. We don’t have to hide anything from them.” he said smiling as everyone was staring at us with questions. “If you don’t come with me right this second, I will tell everyone what you did.” I said while everyone seemed more and more curious. He stood up and said sorry to everyone and followed me to my room. “Look, I know that I will sound crazy to you but listen to me carefully dad because this might be the last time we talk.” I said looking at his curious and confused face. “Go on but be quick.” he said as he looked at his watch. “Okay so the day my mom died I could see her. And the day that man committed suicide on the road, I could see him too.” I said while my dad’s confused face turned into a shocked one. He said “So what you mean is, you can see people when they die!?” in a confused tone. “No, I can see them before they die too. Like how I am seeing you, everyone actually except that man who has just come.” I said with my voice shaking. He said “You are joking, right?” with an anxious face. “If I was, I wouldn’t be able to see you wearing the blue shirt my mom gave you.” I said pointing his shirt. “Haha, very funny joke. Your aunt wanted you to do this right? She never liked that man. Wow, I didn’t think you would listen to her.” he said while his anxious face turned into a tired and angry face. “No, dad, listen to m-“ “Shut up. Do you still dare to do jokes on a day like this? You should be ashamed of yourself.” He said not letting me talk then walking his way out. I wish I could have someone beside me who could help. As I was leaving my room to go downstairs, I saw my reflection. I had changed a lot. My skin looked worse, probably because of stress. My hair was uneven in some places, I had lost some weight too. Is this actually me? Who even am I? Okay no, this isn’t the right time for an existential crisis. The fact of me seeing myself means that I am going to die. But I didn’t see my reflection or anyone before I opened the door? So does that means that with the decision we made, we can change what will happen!? So I just needed to get that man out, right? Okay, but the real question is how I will do it. Do I just go and tell him to leave or something? Okay, that did not make any sense at all. I need time to think. I went downstairs finally to see my dad waving to the leaving guests I couldn’t see anymore goodbye. So that was it? But I can still see my dad? No, I must be missing something. Is the man still here? “Okay, pal! Now since everyone is gone, why won’t we have a sad drinking session in the memorial of your wife and my old friend?” said the man I couldn’t see. “Sure, feel as if it is your home. Go sit on the couch I will be back with the bottles!” my dad said going to the kitchen smiling. Since I couldn’t see the man I just focused on the sounds. He was watching an old cartoon on the television. Everything seemed normal until my dad came. “Do you want to go have a ride on my car after this bottle?” my dad said while placing the bottles on the table. “Sure, we would better avoid the police though!” said the man laughing with my dad just as I started seeing him too. I ran back to the mirror, my reflection was gone. Is that man going to try and kill my dad but die in the process? What is he even planning!? I went back to listen to them but they were already gone by the time I got there. Did they go to the car? Don’t tell me they did…Oh no! No,no,no,no! Where is the phone, where is the phone!? I searched through every wall until I found it and then called the police. “Nine one one, what is your emergency?” asked the police as I was at a loss of words. “You won’t believe me but I can see people before they die even though I am blind. I saw both my dad and his friend today, they are both drunk and now they are going o drive a car if I’m guessing it right. They are both going to die! Please come quickly! I do have enough time to explain any more than this, I live in Boston street, the first blue village you will see is ours. Okay bye!” I said to the police, I hung up the phone to their face and just ran to the garage to see my dad and the man in the car. I went over to the car’s window and knocked it but because of the loud, music, they didn’t seem to hear me. Just as I thought that I saw the man staring at me and he said something close to “let’s go.” to my dad. I backed up as my dad drove the car past me. Luckily I could hear the police sirens. I pointed at my dads’ car and they seemed to understand me and followed them. Suddenly they stopped, I guess the police caught up to them. I turned my back to go inside to hear a loud crashing sound. The car my dad was driving looked like a thick stick. It sure was a truck who hit it. First my mom and now my dad? Was I the reason for their death? Was that man actually innocent? Were they, was that I, that, him…Just what is even happening anymore!?

The police came near me and gave me a blanket. They sent me back home as the ambulance sirens were heard. It was the first time I missed my mom’s and dad’s screams. The home didn’t seem uncomfortable anymore, it seemed empty. “You are safe now.” said a voice like my mom’s. I am safe now? I am not safe, I am lonely. I went back to my room slowly. I couldn’t feel anything, it was as if I was emotionless. Maybe it was actually true, people do apologize for the next mistake they are going to do. I went to my bed and lay down without any thoughts. The clock was ticking slowly as I was resting.

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