Walking Through Your Mind

I believe in the power of dreaming because it is the only period of time where I can think of whatever I want freely, using my creativity endlessly, without being judged. Unfortunately, we are still not in a term where we can speak about how we really feel without being exposed to the opinions of other people who are telling us how wrong we are. The worse thing is, we all do it no matter how much we deny. We forget to respect and we all have some lines that makes us speak without thinking when they are crossed. After facing some situations where I am the one who gets judged or judges, I decided to keep all of my thoughts to my dreams and my inner world where I get to say or do whatever I want without any harm.

I believe in the power of dreaming because I am afraid of being different or being misunderstood. If you think differently than most people like I do, you are easily misapprehended. Sometimes it is the best option to keep my features which are different from usual to myself so I am not different from others in any way. We know that being different is great and special but we still can’t believe in it fully so we tend to act or talk the same as everyone, hoping to blend in. The things I wish to do or have sometimes differ from others’ so I like to color my dreams with my own differences.

I believe in the power of dreaming because I love to push my borders. Using my creativity to build a world or a story from my own pieces gives me the freedom like nothing does. Our creativity and the way we use it is what makes us unique and I love to get more creative as I dream and think while I’m spending some time all to myself. We know what happens inside our brains the best sousing what we are capable of is the best way to get better at everything. In my opinion, dreaming is an amazing exercise to keep our creativity and brain alive and sometimes it is a way to escape the rough feelings or days we are going through and relax a bit. I love to dream of things that make me feel calm and happy when I’m stressed or sad, taking my mind to places where I feel the best of myself always works like a charm.

I believe in the power of dreaming because exploring your own mindset is the best way to keep yourself mentally healthy. The feelings we have in our minds emerges while we are trying to reach them. Dreaming is one of the greatest ways to get to know yourself and knowing who you really are. When you are having doubts about your purpose, dream about the things you wish so you can find your path again in the crowd of your thoughts.

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