War History As A Lesson

War… It is a piece of humankind that we cannot live without. Man has fought and is fighting for love, land, money, even honor. This awful but most important fight has been going on for milleniums. It’s been going on since civilization began. If you ask me whether to get war history, science history or art history in a curriculum I’d -without even thinking- say war history. First of all, let me explain why humans are so deeply in love with hatred.

Land is a piece of the earth literally everyone wants to own. Why? Because you can grow crops and feed cuttle on it, because you can put a house and live in it, because you need it. You need it to accomplish your purposes. To make yourself bigger in the eye of other humans, to be ruler.
Love has caused many wars too. Legend says Paris kidnapped Helen, the wife of the Spartan King and then a war broke out that lasted for 10 years. Love is the basic need of every living  thing. Don’t define love by sexual interactions or how much you care about someone. ,Love is, being non isolated. Love becomes love when the feeling of loneliness goes away. 

This is how the world goes. War shows us the real face of humankind. Humanity started with war and it will end with war. Wars guide human and world history. How the Turks got in Anatolia and is still there, how Nazis caused chaos in Europe and killed millions.

However we cannot say war is beautiful. Children must be taught how bad war is. War prevented Yugoslav rock Group Bijelo Dugme from becoming a legend. War stopped Einstein from doing his experiments in peace. War killed children, raped women and slaughtered men. 

We must teach children this because we let the war do this to us. We must teach, to kill the virus. But to kill the virus we need vaccination that has the virus in it . People need to know what they did to their own kind. When all the world sees that war is not the only way out, we will have exterminated the virus.
War has been a pain in the back for many years. But we are newly starting to realize it’s not a great thing. Also we know how to prevent it now. Education. War has to be taught at all costs to get rid of it once and for all.


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