War of the Witches Review

War of the Witches is a Fantasy Fiction book which was published in 2005 was written by Maite Carranza. The book is about the girl, Anaid is a smart teenage girl. One day Anaid’s mother who is Selene disappears and Anaid is determined to find her. Selene is witch but not just any witch. She is “The Chosen One” the witch of the prophesy who will end the war between the two witch clans, the Odishs and Omars.

Taught and trained by 4 other women of her mother’s clan, they discover that Anaid is more powerful than any other witch they have come across. She seems to be the only one that can save Selene from the rival witch clan. It was surprising to learn how powerful she was compared to the more experienced witches. Anaid was able to do things like turn into a dolphin or fly. The book continues with interesting and different events that happened to Anaid while finding for her mother.

I think the book starts out slow, but then events happen very quickly and the book becomes gripping. If you also like fantasy fiction books in this genre, I am sure you will like this book as well. If you read and like this book, you can check the second and third books, which are the continuation of the series.


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