War With Nature

People are saying that they love being in nature and at the same time they also harm. I am not sure that they understand how they should behave to protect the nature. Nature is a need for a human to live and they should not be doing these harmful things to it.

Nature is what makes our world livable. Without nature; water, soil, air, plants and many more would not exist. Unfortunately, these opportunities that nature provides us will not last forever. Because human beings do not even think of thinking about future generations, they waste or pollute without hesitate. But they do not realize that nature keeps them alive. That fresh air they breath comes from nature, those juicy fruits with lots of vitamin they eat come from nature, the mineral water that they drink heavily on those hot summer days comes from nature. Human comes from nature. Like Hubert Reeves says “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible nature. Unaware that this nature he is destroying is this God he is worshiping.”

Day by day technology develops and world’s population increases therefore people have begun to destroy natural environments and natural beauties more and more. This is nothing but the damage done to human himself. For instance, the cutting of a forest causes drought in the World, a decrease agricultural products due to the drought, which in turn causes products to be bought from abroad and is expensive.

We should protect this world for no matter what happens. We can’t continue to waste natural resources or pollute the air, water or soil if we want to left a future for others. We can decrease the usage of water, paper, plastic by recycling them. We can spread awareness about this issue. People should know about conservation of nature.

In conclusion, to quote Hubert Reeves again “We are in war with nature. If we win, we are lost.” He summed up the whole thing with this sentence. Only human beings can decide if the nature will win or lose.

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