Life is the limited time given to us to live. Some live for 10 years, some live for 90 years, but no living thing is immortal. I think we should make good use of this limited time given to us. However, we, as humans, spend this process on things that are not worth it. When something we want doesn’t happen, we get stuck on that thing and spend our time focusing on that thing that we can’t reach for a very long time. I attribute this to the fact that people do not give up. Therefore, people who are not worth it, etc. We should give up on them instead of wasting time on them.

   Life is not long enough to word hard for people who don’t value you. A person always loves, trusts and values ​​someone throughout his life, but no matter how much someone loves someone, in the end, the priority of the individual is always himself. There are many people in this world who love each other to death. I know people who would hurt their whole life for 1 second they spend with each other. But then, what happens, the passions pass, the passion fades, and the endless love they feel for each other turns into respect. After this stage, the state of not being satisfied begins. When you get the enthusiasm of what you have, you look for the old passion in others. In the last stage, you find yourself not wanting to even look at the face of that individual who has spent his life for you. The example I mentioned is a situation that we can encounter frequently every day. What I’m trying to tell you is that no matter how hard you try for whom, after a while, it will just be a waste of time.


   Time does not flow backwards, and time that has gone does not come back. That’s why wasting time for people who are not worth it is just a waste of time. After all, trying twice for something is a waste of time. It would also be foolish to waste such a vital thing as time on people who do not value you. For every second I lose like this, I get more life. I think life is too short to waste time.


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