Humanity has always been greedy throughout history and will continue to be. Every human being has a desire to desire more, even if it is a little. At first, the forbidden apple that Eve ate because of her greed, and then the items and food that people bought as if they needed them, even though they had no need, always led to waste. History does not repeat itself; the stupidities of humanity are repeated all the time.

You must have seen a lot of wasteful news lately. You may even have made a small waste of it yourself. If every person in the world wasted only 1 rice every day, do you think how much this wasted rice would weigh in 1 year? About 28 thousand tons. What a terrible number, right? In a situation like this, when it comes to waste, some steps should be taken to prevent waste. Otherwise, it may be too late.

In an age where one billion people around the world are fighting hunger, we throw away one third of the food produced without consuming it. These wastes are increasing day by day and some ideas have been developed to prevent this, but no idea has been able to prevent this waste problem. First, I will list some of my solution suggestions, but these solution ideas are not something that will happen like you thinking immediately.

At first, I think that people should be educated as a solution that will not end the waste right away, but eventually. Throughout history, uneducated people have done and continue to do things that are not good for society and for themselves. In fact, we can even say that this problem is more common today.

Throughout the history of the world, most of the communities from different reasons remained ignorant and ignorant. This has led people to do things that are bad for them ignorantly, to harm themselves, and it still causes them. Education, which is an example of this in waste and I think the only solution, should be given to all people as soon as possible.

As a result, the only solution in my opinion is to train people properly. There is currently no other ethical solution to reduce waste. Starting a world-class training program before it’s too late, in my opinion, is the most appropriate thing. As a last resort, nobody wants to get someone killed by lot, right?

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