Water Instead of Oil

Nowadays, oil has become one of the essential things in daily life. It is getting expensive and expensive day by day. In past years people have some money which is enough to buy a car but these days they can not afford their stuff for their transportation
People think positively about it because they are assuming that cars will not be working with gasoline in the future. Instead of oil, we will use electricity probably.

If turkey, which is our country, would be a paradise for raw materials, I would prefer water instead of oil because the earth is having some problems with climate change and losing water. Animals, plants, and all living things are affected by the changes in weather, climate, and the ratio of water. People will lose their everything if they lose water. People can not live without having some water in their bodies for three days.

I am predicting that when we get older like in 30-40 years, electric cars will be more common than gasoline cars. Because it has already begun to change. Electric cars have been made and have been sold in too many countries. Because of the gas prices people trying to find cheaper options. That’s why I am choosing water instead of oil. Maybe it can be useful in the future more than now.

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