Way Of Thinking

From past to present, people have divided people into two groups in their own way. Intelligent and non-intelligent. People have been separated according to their intelligence, and in this distinction, by gathering a group of people in a room. Putting a supervisor in front of them, and putting a limited time to meet their needs with regular intervals. Which are forbidden to leave for hours, and during your stay in this area, it is necessary to follow the rules set by a group of people. They measure the intelligence of people with a piece of paper in two hours what they have been taught for a year by the supervisors waiting in those rooms, by seeing them as products of the people in that group and dressing them in the same colors and patterns.

In this process, the person who worked hardest and answered the piece of paper correctly, and got the highest score is considered the smartest. They make the best mathematicians an engineer, but they don’t care about their ability or whether they will be successful in that field. A society needs those who can do mathematics for its development and those who can do science, but the biggest deficiency of a society is people who have the ability to think, comment and troubleshoot.

Thinking is a skill for most people, but the ability to think is something that can be developed. It is developed by reading, writing and thinking to improve it. The more you think about the ability to think, the more it develops. Even dreaming affects your ability to think. Society needs more problem solver than question solvers. Rather than waiting with test books on the children’s heads. We must give them things to think about, things to read and write about. Of course, lessons are needed for the development of a country as much as thinking. But the children should take lessons depending on their talents. If the child can do science and is successful in a field such as biology, and it should not be a case of not being a doctor just because she or he can’t do math.

I agree with Ahmet Ümit’s statement ”we need creative minds, not hardworking slaves”. For the development of society, we need to raise individuals with the ability to think. We need to give them something to think about. They should be able to read and write about the subject and even analyze the subject with their own thoughts.

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