Way Thinking Too Much

Our life and what happens in our life is the most important thing in the world for us. I think everyone can agree with my opinion. We all have different responsibilities, different families. We are spending so much effort on our plans. Because it is our life and we have to have a good future for ourselves and our loved ones. But I think sometimes we are worrying so much about our life. Life is actually really short to even cry sometimes. Of course, we should make plans for our future but we shouldn’t exaggerate worrying so much.

Especially we have to stop worrying about other people’s opinions. Life is too short to worry about people’s opinions.I really do not understand why our society cares so much about what people are thinking. Let me give an example about it; when my little brother was a child, He used to like pink so much. Even my dad bought a pink car for him just because he enjoyed pink way too much. My parents were buying him pink toys even pink clothes..But when he started to kinder garden, kinder garden kids bullied him because he loved pink. One day he came up crying and said” They say that loving pink makes you a girl, I don’t want to be a girl!”.Since then he hated pink. Several years have passed by but he still refuses to wear pink. This is just one story but even I, just a normal single person, have so many stories like this. We are worrying way too much. Everyone has different personalities, different styles, and different choices. Every day so many people try to change themselves just because someone judges them.

And that’s what I am trying to say; just because someone said something about you, it is their opinion it is not yours. You shouldn’t change yourself just because someone said something. Doesn’t matter who is that someone.

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