Ways To Be Succeed

Do you think success develops with intelligence or does it develop with labor? Most of the people argue a lot about this idea. Some people say intelligence is more important, some people say it is more important to work hard. Of course, since such a topic is a subjective one, we cannot oppose people’s opinion.  Some of the old people worked hard to find or invent something, others invented it with intelligence. For example, Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein did very important work on gravity with his own intelligence and won the Nobel prize. Of course, he worked hard, but I think intelligence was much more effective.

The famous thinker Aziz Sancar said, “Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t.It is labor that separates us from each other, I believe in work, “he said. But for me I think intelligence is the one that proves our work. For example, let’s think of two people, one works hard . The other one works very little, but his intelligence is at a high level. It seems to me that the second guy comes to much better places and gets a much easier job. Considering the circumstances right now, a man who works hard gets a job easier than a smart man, but a smart man contributes a lot more to the job. Most of the names that stood out in ancient times were both intelligent and very hardworking. It wasn’t enough just to be smart for  being a scientist.  Let’s consider the second issue of a man who works hard. His intelligence is average . This person needs to work all the time to do a proper job. But let’s also think of someone who is very intelligent but works little. Because he is very smart, he knows what to do and does his job quickly. That’s why I believe in intelligence.  Besides, people have very little time left to study and think these days. dec. They do not find time to work hard.

Aziz Sancar says that hard work is more effective. If the guy who said that got the Nobel prize, of course he knows something. I’m not saying that he’s wrong, I’m just saying that “The secret to success is to work hard” and “Most people believe in intelligence, I don’t believe in it. It is labor that separates us from each other, I believe in work,” I disagree with the words.

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